How to List Your Property

A How-To guide to listing your properties for sale on the #1 ranked site in Google!

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Visit and in the top menu click on “Sign Up”



  1. Check off “register me as agent”
  2. Fill out your data in the form
  3. Click “Sign Up” button



When you see the message “Congratulations! You have successfully signed up.” you’re done.



Visit and in the top menu click on “Sign In”



When you successfully signed in your will see yourself in the top right of the menu.



Click on your name in the top right and then click “Account Settings” on the drop down.



Here you need to upload a photo of yourself by clicking “Browse Photos” and then fill out your contact phone numbers (both) and then select your preferred package of listings. Custom bulk packages are available just email us at



Once you have your package and profile paid for, head to the frontpage and click on “Submit Property” in the top menu. Be sure you are still logged in!



Select an appropriate title for your listing and a detailed description of what the listing is.



Select your category whether home, land etc and type which typically will be “For Sale”. Then the part you need to do as to comply with a future web application, is your listing longitude and latitude. The easiest way to do this is to drag the pin on the map to roughly where your property is located. There are places (like Dominical) that do not register in Costa Rica on the map therefore its better to find it on the map and move the pin to it. Then the price. Of course it is wise to fill out as much as possible for search-ability.



Final step is to upload your photos (only hi-definition quality photos) and if you have one, a video of your listing. Currently we support Vimeo and Youtube videos only. Select “I’m not a robot” and solve the captcha and that’s it...just hit “Submit Property” button.



Package Pricing

* package pricing can also be found inside your account settings panel once you register

After you have submitted your property an editor with CRREC will promptly review and if all requirements are met, will then publish your listing to our page.

It is important to note that the more fields you fill out about your listing the easier it will be for people to find when searching the MLS. And in order to avoid unnecessary delays we do ask you follow these instructions accurately including and especially the part about property location on the map. When you use the map to place the pin you do not have to enter your longitude and latitude.

We hope that you find this guide helpful and should you have any further questions feel free to contact us at or by calling us at 250-999-6989 via our marketing contact at Inbound Marketing Group in Canada.