Urban Centers: Escazu

All about the city of Escazu, in the heart of the Central Valley of Costa Rica.

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Despite it's small number of residents being under 20,000, Escazu is one of the most popular and most visited places in Costa Rica's Central Valley. Up in the mountains, right beside San Jose with the main highway passing right by it, Known for it's beautiful homes with spectacular valley views, Escazu has grown into what many call Costa Rica's Beverly Hills as it has attracted a small, yet influential crowd of athletes, entertainers and political dignitaries. There are a multitude of stores, shops and restaurants and Escazu is home to MultiPlaza, one the largest and most renowned shopping malls in Central America.

Escazu Luxury Home.jpegProvince: San Jose
Amenities: 5 Stars
Infrastructure: 5 Stars
Nearest City: San Jose (15 minute drive)
Nearest Airport: 
Alajuela (20 minute drive)
Nearest Hospital: 
Escazu, San Jose (5-20 minute drive)

Escazu is also home to CIMA hospital, one of the best healthcare facilities in the country, and the many supporting specialty clinics that surround it. This has made Escazu a very popular spot for medical tourism, where patients form other country fly in to take advantage of the very affordable, yet, top notch medical services. Because of it's this, many hotels large and small have popped up in the area to support this industry.

Escazu Multiplaza Interior.jpegHome to the country's first iMax theatre, popular American restaurant chains, world class healthcare, affluent shopping, Escazu has etched itself into the landscape as the most affluent area in the country.

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