Beach Towns: Nicoya Peninsula

All about the Nicola Peninsula in the North Pacific region of Costa Rica.

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The Nicola Peninsula is the most western region in north Costa Rica comprised mostly of the Guanacaste province stretching south to Puntarenas. This area is known for it’s amazing ecology and miles of pristine undeveloped beaches. Lots of small beach towns dot this coast line like Nosara, Carillo, Samara and Tamabor, but the town of Nicola, located further inland, is one of the oldest towns in Costa Rica, and the center of commerce where all shops, services and necessities can be found.

nicoya humming birds.jpegProvince: Guanacaste
Amenities: 3 Stars
Infrastructure: 3 Stars
Largest City: Nicoya
Nearest Airport: Liberia
Nearest Hospital: Liberia

The Nicola peninsula is one of the more remote areas of the country as it’s harder to get to than most. Perhaps not so coincidentally, this area is also noted as a “Blue Zone” that boasts one of the best rates of human longevity in the world.

nicoya horseback riding.jpegYou can assess the peninsula either from the south by ferries that leave from Puntarenas several times a day, or by road from the north. There are a few domestic airports in the area that can quickly connect you to the international airports in Liberia in the north or San Jose in the Central Valley. And a domestic flight on these local carriers are breath taking all on their own as they always fly at a low altitude where you can see this amazing country and the entire peninsula from a bird’s eye view.

Visitors to the Nicola Peninsula are usually the more laid back nature enthusiasts. There’s no very much night life in these areas as the main attraction is the nature, so most places are quiet no long past diner time. There are many hotels and accommodations for these visitors throughout the area, and many real estate opportunities for those seeking a vacation home or retirement home in the land of peace, tranquility and pura vida.

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